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What is Testosterone Plus?

Testosterone Plus is a daily supplement created by Purity Select and specifically designed to develop an increase of healthy testosterone. Increased testosterone levels have many benefits including added strength, better sex drive and stamina, and even helping you feel younger. Added testosterone can also help you with muscle mass gains, muscle recovery, and mental health such as better focus.

How does it work?

The ingredients behind Testosterone Plus are individually proven to give you the promised results and benefits. Combined together in our supplement, they act with a synergy that makes it a powerful and unique pill not available anywhere else. Specifically, Eurycoma Longifolia, aka "Long Jack" is an ingredient native to Malaysia that in scientific experiments was concluded to substantially increase testosterone levels.

Why is Testosterone Plus important?

Testosterone itself is important in the male body because it plays a key role in building healthy new cells that are vital for both physical and mental health.

Why should men use Testosterone Plus

Testosterone Plus was designed for men of many walks of life. From the people of any age who suffer from low testosterone levels, to the people who simply want to increase them for different purposes. The benefits of Testosterone Plus include increased strength, stamina, sex drive, muscle building and recovery, and mental health benefits. Anyone looking to improve on these are perfect candidates to take Testosterone Plus.

What are the ingredients in Testosterone Plus?

Testosterone Plus is a completely Natural supplement. The full ingredients list can be found on the ingredients page

What is the dosage for Testosterone Plus?

Take 4 capsules daily. Can be taken any time, separate, or at once.

Can Testosterone Plus be taken in conjunction with my multi vitamin?

Yes, it should be fine; however, we always suggest asking your doctor about taking Testosterone Plus with any other medication

What type of Guarantee do I get?

We offer the best guarantee that you will find on the Internet for any supplement. Full 100% 90 day money back guarantee. You can send back the bottle and we will refund your charge, no questions asked.

Can your products be given to or taken by children?

No, our products are not meant for children under the age of 18. All of the products sold on this site should not be given to children. Further, if you have any questions or concerns about any products, we recommend that you contact your primary physician.

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